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The Party District of Budapest

Although the concept of going to numerous places in a single night is alive and well in Budapest, and has been for a long period of time, the concept of a ritualistic walking from pub to pub in the form of a pub crawl is something we just did not have. Historically people have their favourite dives or hang outs, and are content to start drinking at home (in a pre-game session), and then go to their regular place and be there.

Budapest Nightlife and Clubbing

This city is quickly becoming the party capital of Europe, as more and more people flock here for affordable but quality nightlife and clubbing. The Budapest club scene is one of the best in the world, with great artists, awesome clubs, a great crowd and parties that last for days! Come and be a part of it with All Night Crash, and party today in Budapest!

Budapest night out

Flavoured Beers In Budapest

Belgian beer has become a very trendy thing, and one of the things that has made Belgium stick out as the beer capital of the world is their approach to the subject. Far from the purists in Germany, the Belgians like their beer strong enough to get properly drunk, and are not want to flavour their beers with orange peels, spices, and even fruit. The process is quite simple: fruit is simply put into the cask that the brew is fermenting in, and is left to ferment together. This trend has spread to Hungary as well, and Budapest now has several places where you can buy high quality fruity beer. Here are 4 of the best ones.


Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl in Budapest

Although you may be in Hungary, Budapest for a city break far from Mexico, you are close to one of the most amazing Budapest nights out this Cinco de Mayo! Pub Crawl Special offers and an amazing time out await you, so don’t miss out this pub crawl night in Budapest with AllNightCrash!

Cinco de Mayo