Did you get wasted in one of our Budapest Pub Crawls? Enjoy a hangover party in Budapest! Hungarians, being a nation of heavy drinkers, have a solution to your hangover: soup, water, fresh air, and more beer! This expat party will show you how to get rid of your hangover Hungarian style, and show the city in light, easy to walk distances, with many stops for coffee and beer along the way, to help you kick that nasty day after feeling. Budapest is a city for expats, with bars, clubs and culture that is dedicated to long term visitors, or those who wish to start a new life here. And of course, we have our own expat party, which you can enjoy- a party that seeks to bring the thriving Budapest nightlife to the expat community, because no one should feel left out.

But the next day, you may be interested in a hangover party! The hair of the dog is the best medicine, so you must continue drinking! A Budapest hangover party consists of a light meal, usually soup, because Hungarian soups are a category in and of themselves, a walk in one of the many green parks of Budapest, a nice cup of coffee, and then continue drinking to reactivate your liver! We can also see Budapest for expats, and go to the cafes, bars, lounges and shops where the expat community in Budapest like to hang out. Come and see the expat side of life in the Hungarian capitol!

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