Ruin bars

Ruin bars are the hip new thing in Budapest, although they have been around for quite a while; part decaying atmosphere, part all night rager, these clubs, like Szimpla kert and Instant / Fogas, take minimalism and what the city has to offer to transform it into a space with atmosphere, with a unique feeling to it, a completely Budapest experience. They are the best places to party today in Budapest, as they are where young people and the more refined side of Budapest locals like to party, so this is the best night out in Budapest for sure. Our Budapest Ruin Pub Crawl is definitely the best choice out there.

Club crawls

These clubs are usually massive, and Instant is two blocks of flats opened into one psychedelic indoor forest of bars, dance floors, basements, balconies and surreal installations. Our Instant club crawl goes through all the rooms and checks out all of the cool hidden stuff in this enormous party complex. Our Szimpla club crawl is “just” a tour of one of the oldest ruin bars, with 3 floors, a huge internal courtyard, tons of history, 3 dance floors, and one of the coolest crowds you will come across in any European city. But if you like more traditional pubs, and just want to watch a game, or sit in a not too crowded, but cool pub or bar, we can arrange a pub holiday in Budapest for you, as there are tons of establishments here, and we know which ones are worth their salt.

Beer Bar party in Budapest

All night Crash has been running bar crawls in Budapest since 2007, so we always know where the party is, and can take you to the best bars and clubs to party in Budapest. Enjoy your night out in Budapest with 4-5 bars before heading over to a dance hall, club or disco of your choice where we can dance the remains of the night away! Don’t miss out on a bar tour in Budapest, you will be glad you took one, as they are always fun, interesting and affordable!

Interested about beer? Our article about craft beer bars is for you!