Belgian beer has become a very trendy thing, and one of the things that has made Belgium stick out as the beer capital of the world is their approach to the subject. Far from the purists in Germany, the Belgians like their beer strong enough to get properly drunk, and are not want to flavour their beers with orange peels, spices, and even fruit. The process is quite simple: fruit is simply put into the cask that the brew is fermenting in, and is left to ferment together. This trend has spread to Hungary as well, and Budapest now has several places where you can buy high quality fruity beer. Here are 4 of the best ones.

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Belga Söröző

Simply and quite aptly named the Belgian Beer house, this wonderful little restaurant and pub has all the things going for it; a unique repertoire of beer that cannot be found anywhere else in the city, a wonderful location, great food and a unique atmosphere. Located on the Danube overlooking the corso around the mighty river on the Buda side, the food is traditional Belgian food (French food, German portions), and the atmosphere is a mix of a pub and an abbey, it is a veritable sanctum of brew.

You can find them here: Official Site


Csak a Jó Sör

This establishment is a new breed all to itself. Part shop, part pub, part gallery, this establishment is a new twist in enjoying beer. The shop has a selection of beers that is truly a sight to behold, with most every beer imaginable from all over the world being present, albeit in small numbers. There is also a draft in the shop and a little club area where you can sit down and enjoy a brew. Their name means “only good beer”, and they keep true to their name. Really reasonable down to earth prices and excellent quality makes this place one of the stand outs of Budapest.

Find their Facebook page with all sorts of useful information here: Official Facebook Page



If you are interested in home brews, in local microbreweries and in small batches that are literally taken from the cask in front of your eyes, then Élesztő (which means brewer’s yeast in Hungarian) is definitely the place for you. A large selection of awesome beers, including quite a few fruity ones are available here and all are local wonders, with a few imports. This place is a tad bit more expensive than the others on the list, but is also as close to a brewery as you can get without going to a brewery, and most of the staff brew their own beer. A place for afficionados.

You can find them here: Official Facebook Page


Csepel is home to one of the best breweries in the country. One of the few microbreweries to make it big and produce large scale is Rizmajer, and they have an intense selection of all kinds of fruity beers, but their cognac and cherry one is by far the most popular (they also make corn and ginger beers as well). They have staple beers that they keep making, and there are specials just for a season or for a few weeks as well, so it is always useful to get a good look at what is going on in their brewery/restaurant.

Check them out here: Official Site

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