FREE 10 Tastes of Hungarian Craft Beers included
– Visit to 3 Local Micro Brew Pubs
– Award-winning Craft Ales and Craft Lagers
– NO Tasteless Mass Produced Beers

This beer tour is a must for beer and ale lovers!

If you already tried our Pub Crawl or maybe you want something more sophisticated, our beer tour may be the best choice for you. Traditionally being a wine country Hungary was never really famous of its mass produced beer, being nothing to write home about, it is an average sort of lager. This is now about to change, as in the last few years dozens of microbreweries started to craft unique products of their own. Each of them has their own beer recipes and peculiarities. The goal of this tour is to show you the best of these microbreweries and the best brews they have to offer. If you wish to taste beers and ales in the quality of Guinness, but with more progressive recipes, first-rate tastes, surprisingly fair prices, sometimes with the strength of a good wine while exploring the downtown area of Budapest this tour is meant to fulfil all your desires!

Proving the growing popularity of Hungarian craft beer culture Budapest holds an event called Főzdefeszt twice a year where over 80 home brewing brands show the best they got to thousands of beer fans from all around the region. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit one of these events, don’t worry, we’re here to introduce you the best lagers, dark and red beers, ales, hybrids and wheat beers among other outstanding brews. There are some peerless little bars in Budapest specialised on craft beers (along Hungarian brands some of them serves Belgian, Czech and German products also, we’re not forgetting the legendary good beer regions of the continent), hidden away from trendy bars, mostly visited by locals. It would be our pleasure if we could show you these gems of the city!

During the beer tour we’ll take you to 3 of the best microbreweries‘ pubs of Budapest downtown. You’ll have a free taste of the specialties of each bar and have the opportunity to taste further unique brews at all of them. You’ll be provided with a pro guide who will explain a bit about the sights you’ll see during your walk and of course about the beer brands, breweries and the brews themselves.

Friday night out and beer tasting in Budapest

The top pubs in Budapest are open seven days a week, ready to take in guests from around the world! Budapest is quickly developing into one of the biggest party capitals in the world, and is a perfect place for a Friday night out, with beer tasting, pubs, and all things beer related. Although the commercial beer is not much to talk about, there are a range of microbreweries, and a huge selection of imported ales form all over the world. The city is perfect for a pub walk, especially good for beer tours. Beer is sold in every establishment, and the entire inner city is full of places to drink. The party district spans almost 3 districts, and there are many opportunities for beer tours in Budapest. So get ready, eat a hearty meal, and let’s hit the best bars Budapest has to offer, for a night of beer and ale!

Ale tasting and Belgian beer in Budapest
Import beers are a big thing in Hungary, and you can get them at any decent pub, on draft and bottled to. If you are looking Belgian beer in Budapest, we have several places you can go to, the same with German, Czech, British and even Chinese beers and ales. Relax, kick back and enjoy your escape holidays in Hungary. Let us handle the planning, all you need to do is get in touch and tell us when you want to paint the town red. We can do an ale tasting in Budapest, we can survey what the local microbreweries have to offer, as many bars serve only their products, we can have a pint of stout, lager, IPA, pils or pretty much any other brew imaginable, and in a wide array of places. If you are looking for a place to spend your big night out in Budapest, look no further; we will take you to 4 of the best pubs with the best beer, and then go dancing until the sun comes up.

Pub walk and abbey style beers

Not many people expect to have a Belgian beer in Budapest, much less a rare specialty, or a novel brew, but we even have our very own Belgian, abbey style beers that have caught on recently and are world class brews. Beer tours in Budapest are expanding to become more and more popular, especially with microbreweries and small batch bars popping up left and right, and very cheap compared to the rest of the EU, making Budapest the beer afficionados little slice of heaven. We have been running pub crawls since 2007, and are confident that we know the best places in the city, so we can give the best beer tours and pub walk in Budapest. Get in touch and let us take you on a journey of the sacred brew!

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