Cinco de Mayo Bar Tour

Although you may be in Hungary, Budapest for a city break far from Mexico, you are close to one of the most amazing Budapest nights out this Cinco de Mayo! Pub Crawl Special offers and an amazing time out await you, so don’t miss out this pub crawl night in Budapest with Pub Crawl Budapest! Read More

Fruit tasting beers in Budapest

Belgian beer has become a very trendy thing, and one of the things that has made Belgium stick out as the beer capital of the world is their approach to the subject. Far from the purists in Germany, the Belgians like their beer strong enough to get properly drunk, and are not want to flavour Read More

Nightlife & Clubbing in Budapest

Ruin bars Ruin bars are the hip new thing in Budapest, although they have been around for quite a while; part decaying atmosphere, part all night rager, these clubs, like Szimpla kert and Instant / Fogas, take minimalism and what the city has to offer to transform it into a space with atmosphere, with a Read More

Party district of Budapest? Definitely the 7th district

Although the concept of going to numerous places in a single night is alive and well in Budapest, and has been for a long period of time, the concept of a ritualistic walking from pub to pub in the form of a pub crawl is something we just did not have. Historically people have their Read More

Enjoy a Pub Crawl with us in the Winter

Rain or snow, it doesn’t matter, we will not give up! If you are in Budapest whether the weather whatever the weather, because we are here to help you get in the mood at the Burger King at Oktogon 9 PM every day, bringing Budapest nightlife to you through the amazing world of pub crawls! Read More

Best way to enjoy ruin bars in Budapest

Ruin bars present an excellent opportunity to have big fun, here is our advice: Go to the 7th district of Budapest (this is where we organise our pub crawl every day). The old Jewish quarter is full of ruin bars and pubs, and even some bigger ruin clubs. Always dress according to the weather, many Read More

Hangover Party Budapest

Did you get wasted in one of our Budapest Pub Crawls? Enjoy a hangover party in Budapest! Hungarians, being a nation of heavy drinkers, have a solution to your hangover: soup, water, fresh air, and more beer! This expat party will show you how to get rid of your hangover Hungarian style, and show the Read More