Would you like us to organise your Pub Crawl for you? Do you want to be with your close friends? Try our Private Pub Crawls! Let us know what you need, where we should pick you up, and we will do our best to make a perfect night for you!

Stag Pub Crawl

You want to celebrate your last free days in Budapest? This is the best choice that you can have! Budapest has everything that you need to make your stay unforgettable. We have a lot to offer to Stag / Hen groups! Check out our Stag Pub Crawl page, and contact us for our specialised offer!

Beer Pub Crawl

Bored of lager beers everyday? Our Craft Beer Pub Crawl is definitely for you! In Hungary just as well everywhere in the world, craft beer breweries are popping up at every corner. From pale ales to stouts, beer enthusiasts will adore our beer crawl. Budapest is ready, come and taste our beers!

Wine Bar Crawl

Would you like to taste Hungarian Wines? This private tour is excellent for small and even for bigger groups! We taste wines from Hungary’s best wine producing regions while our guide tells you the history of all! We also drink Fröccs together (the way Hungarians survive the summers) as well as the famous naturally sweet wines from Tokaj (at least one at the end to get the feel). Still interested? Check out our Wine Bar Tour in Budapest page, which will tell you the details!