– FREE: 10 Tastes of Hungarian Wines and Fröccs (Local Spritzer) included
– Visit to 3 Local Wine Bars
– Exclusive Selection of White, Rosé, Red Wines and the Unique Tokaji
– NO Low-shelf Table Wines
Type: private tour on call
Booking: Only On call & booking advance Online
Meeting: as agreed upon
Duration: 5 hour wine tasting & downtown sightseeing
– 1 person: € 90
– from 2 persons: €64 / pax
– from 5 persons: €59 / pax
– from 10 persons: €56 / pax

Unlike a ruin bar tour, our wine tasting tours involve a convenient amount of culture which is approached through the popular and easy to digest world of gastronomy. More for the pampering of your taste buds than for intoxicating your brain, this tour offers the very height of that best kept secret of Central Europe: the rich world of Hungarian wines!

One of the best ways to experience Hungarian culinary culture and the traditions that go with it is with a wine tasting weekend in Budapest. Hungary is first and foremost a wine country, with many different international strains that have centuries old traditions here (like pinot noir and grigio,chardonnay, riesling, and a whole host of others), and many of our own (like furmint, tokaji aszú, bikavér, cserszegi fűszeres, etc.). A Friday night bar crawl or wine tasting event is a great way to see the city, as the Hungarian capital is immersed in nightlife. If you are looking for a wine tasting holiday, Budapest is the perfect city; close enough culturally that all of the major European wines can be had (French, Italian, etc.), far enough that our own wine is well established, and very affordable at that. And we at Pub Crawl Budapest have the best wine tours in Budapest.

Double The Fun

A wine tasting tour that is coupled with sightseeing in Budapest. Now that is a concept that cannot be refused. Coupling gastronomy, the love of wine and the millenium old and beautiful history of Budapest, this tour offers refreshments for your body, as well as nourishment for your mind, quenching a physical thirst while satisfying a more intellectual appetite as well. The tours happen on foot, so you can soak in both the nectar and the atmosphere that Budapest has to offer. With just a convenient amount of walking in the open air, and with many stops for drinks along the way, the tour hopes to show the participant a variety of tastes and impressions from the famous Hungarian cuisine, not just the restaurant grade material, but some of the hidden local gems, as well as the cheaper delights enjoyed by the general public. A wide variety of tastes, sounds, sights all coalesce to make a tour that is unsuperceded in its outlook and in it’s value as a tool to bring culture not just near you but literally inside of you.

The Route

During the tour you will visit 4 places, each of them are among the best wine bars of Budapest. Between the bars your private guide will show you some of the major sites of downtown Budapest like the Opera House, the Andrássy avenue and The Gozsdu court. At the bars you will taste the best hungarian white, rosé and red wines, three types at every bar, except for the first place where you will be tasting exquisite sparkling wines, thus meeting all of the Hungarian wines on your wine tasting in Budapest. Also at the second and fourth bar we will treat you with some delicious, local snacks. The program is about 5 hours long, you are going to stay approximately 45 minutes at a bar. If you have any further questions please contact us via e-mail or phone. As the tour is a private one, not scheduled regularly, a guide will be provided only for you. You and your guide will agree upon a personal pick up point, the hotel where you are staying at, or any agreed upon possible meeting point are available for your convenience. In return, to be able to keep the guides available for you, we kindly ask you to pay at least 10% of the deposit in cash. The rest of the fee, you can either pay online or cash.

Snack Heaven

Snacks and meals are of course available along the way, as fine wine is usually enjoyed with accompanying foods that complement the particular zest and flavour of the beverage in question. Although there are many stops along the way, each place will have something to nibble on while you are there. So bring out the gourmand in you and prepare to have all of your gastronomical needs satisfied with an array and variety of tastes not found in any other port of the world, and only known by a few. Be one of the keepers of the best kept secret of Central Europe; the flavors and sights of Hungary!

If you do not know where to go in Budapest, you may miss out; this city is truly bubbling over with nightlife and excitement, and can be quite wild, or quite elegant, depending on where you are going. We set up wine tasting tours for a discerning company, or can take you on an exquisite bar crawl, much like a pub crawl but with finesse, and a focus on enjoying wine, rather than just on getting drunk. Why not your plan your escape holidays in Hungary? We will help with all of the details, form the accommodations to the specific events. Wine tasting is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself, and a wine tasting break in Hungary is sure to leave no one disappointed.