It’s pretty common to throw a Stag / Hen party abroad. Just like in Barcelona or Cyprus, Budapest is full of bachelor parties in the summer as well.

This trend is coming from England, so mostly English youngsters look for our company to spend the bachelor’s “last night” with us.

We have so many funny memories with all those strange requests. We are not even surprised if they want to handcuff themselves with a fat lady or want to limbo dance with a dwarf…

This parties are so much fun, we usually have muscle strain after all those guffaws.

Budapest has everything to make it a great place for a stag party. The alcohol is strong and relatively cheap, the ladies are beautiful, the people are fun loving, and the service is first class. Budapest is a fun place to have an adventure at night, as the streets are packed with people seven days a week, very important for a stag weekend. Many universities and colleges operate within the Hungarian capital, and this is why the bars and pubs are open every night until the wee hours of the morning, so you can have your bachelor party whenever you would like to.

The culture of nightlife is tremendous and Pub Crawl Budapest has good relationship with the biggest pubs, clubs and the most luxurious strip clubs. Our stags are always very satisfied with every place we stop by.

We always adopt the program for the needs, but usually we recommend to warm up with drinking games before we visit the famous ruin bars. Ruin bars are something we only have in Budapest, they are a specialty of the city. There are a bunch of ruined but really neat Monarchy era buildings that instead of being renovated are made into high quality pubs and bars but keeping their run down atmosphere. They are usually furnished with vintage communist era stuff, and are hit with that absurd hipster aesthetic.

Than we go to one of the best and most luxurious strip club in the country before we finish the night at the biggest club in Budapest, where our guests can partying till the morning.

These programs usually contain unlimited drinks, welcome shots, free beers, etc. depending on your need. The possibilities are infinite. We have many many ideas to make your stag / hen party unforgettable, from the beer-bike to the luxury limos.

We have been operating Budapest pub crawls since 2007, so we know our way around the city, especially at night. We know where the best clubs are, so there is no way that you will be treated to a boring night.

Get in touch with us, and tell us your ideas. We can give an accurate price range and the time it takes for us to prepare the stag party if we know all the details. We can even help you plan, and give you ideas about how other people have done them, and we will make sure that you are getting the best stag party imaginable! You can contact us via e-mail or on the phone as well.

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