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  • Sightseeing is an excellent activity in the city, and we can be of a big help to you!
  • Top attractions are always the ones to start with!

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Don’t forget to ask our guides about all the possibilities that we can offer to you. We do our best to serve tourists the best way possible. There is so much to see, and usually travellers have so little time. So it’s worth to organize the time that you stay with us. Of course overcrowded programs are not advantageous, this is why it’s worth to come to our center and inquire about all the possibilities to have a nice stay in our lovely city. Actually not only the city but the whole country. Our city is full of attractions, museums, cinemas, status, events everything. I would by the way definitely start with our bar. Check out more on pubcrawlbudapest.hu or at our questions and answers page.

Then I would go in spas. There are many, because under Hungary the earth is full of thermal waters, that are by default full of minerals, and are hot. Many people got healed by sitting in the water regularly, most probably by having the minerals absorbed to the body through the skin.

Going to the Zoo is also a nice program, or to theatres, the circus, these are all things that are worth to mention. Also ruin bars are interesting, as well as roof top bars. Really there is so much to do.

The cold has gone, the spring is here, which is great, as the ladies are wearing less and less textile, and showing more and more skin. With the hormones raging and the streets getting packed in the warm spring nights, anything can happen! We will bring you to the most sought after, most popular bars and clubs, partying on the most notorious pub streets and boulevards, where you can find everyone who is anyone. If you can’t make it today, come around tomorrow, we crawl every night!