• Ruin bars are Great and a speciality of Budapest!
  • 360 view of the city!
  • Rooftop bars are all around, interesting to check it out.
  • The limit is the sky
  • This area in Budapest is really what matters if you want nightlife!
  • Cocktail bars are posh but great!

A unique type of drinking establishment which goes for none of the classy exterior; it is a ruin building that has been revamped to house a bar. It is a typical Budapest sight, and must be experienced to be believed. A ruin bar crawl in Budapest is a good way to see some of the trendiest places, some of the nicest people and the best atmosphere this city has to offer. The best thing about them is the ruin bars Budapest location- they are mostly in the party district, relatively close to each other, near some of the best monuments and sight seeing in the city, also near where most of the hostels are.

There are several famous ruin bars in Budapest: Szimpla, Instant, Jelen, Fogasház, UdvarROM and a whole lot more that you will have to see and experience for yourself. Our ruin pub tour Budapest goes to 4 of these awesome places, and leaves you off at a club of your choosing so you can dance the night away. If the party wants, we can even stay at these cosy establishments, and dedicate the whole night to the best ruin bars in Budapest, as the party is always jumping in these awesome and uniquely Budapest pubs, and there is always a lively crowd of the hippest youngsters, but without any of the artifice and snobbery that many bars and clubs project, while equalling if not surpassing most of them in terms of quality and services.Check out our homepage to get more information https://pubcrawlbudapest.hu.