• The jewish quarter is full of wine places
  • The best is that wine is cheap!

Thirty winemakers from the Balaton region will be the hosts of the leading gastronomical event in the Capital between the 4th and 6th of May. On the fourth Balaton Region Wine Festival you can find important cultural events, excellent wines and delicious Hungarian foods.

The Balaton Wine region can be divided into six smaller subregions: Balatonboglár, Balatonfüred-Csopak, Badacsony, Zala, Balatonfelvidék and the Nagy-Somló wine region, about 10,6 thousand hectares altogether.

The make up of the soil in the region is extraordinarily versatile. The sandy, chalky, clay filled soil are the norm near the Pannon sea, while the young basalt mountains are the inheritors of significant vulcanic activity, and a significant amount of yellow soil can also be found. Due to these circumstances the Balaton wines are rich in minerals.

In the traditional kinds of wines of the wine region there are numerous Hungarian local specialties (like night clubs) and also the internationally known varieties- mainly bordeaux and burgunder. Due to the abundant sunshine that reaches the grapes, this region provides excellent raw materials for the wineries, and the northern shore of the Lake Balaton enjoys the effect of the reflected sunshine. The wines of the Balaton Wine region are very versatile, so everyone can find their favourite sort of wine. https://pubcrawlbudapest.hu is our homepage, check it out.