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Every Saturday and Sunday, the inner city will be having its very own festival. It’s about time, as pretty much everything has its own few days, so why should the historical inner city of Budapest be any different? Starting tomorrow, Saturday the 31st of May, the entire inner city will transform into a giant festival ground, where any one can have a little taste of what the Hungarian festival atmosphere is like for free, and all of this will be available to any passerby, absolutely free of charge!

This is the first time this has been done, and so there is not much history, and nothing to really know, which is just perfect! A fresh and exciting new festival that will bring a new tradition and a new set of experiences. We have no idea how it is all going to turn out, but there is little chance for error with the way this remarkable event has been handled up until now. There are many stages in many different locations throughout the 5th district (the historic inner city and the poshest neighborhood in Budapest), playing a variety of music, from folk, pop and rock all the way to reggae.

The running order is very child friendly. There will bounce castles and activities just for kids, and many fun folksy arts and crafts centers where children (from toddlers all the way to early teens) are met with a warm, welcome atmosphere and plenty of stuff to do that will strengthen their little hands and develop their little minds. At night, the wine starts to flow, ands concerts by folk musicians will be met with a rock and roll gig from the Carbonfools, and a Reggae set form Irie Maffia, one of the premier reggae bands in Europe, featuring a singer called Sena of Ghanaian origin.

The programs start early on right after brunch, with live jazz music and tons of information desks, also with a tourist information center. The second day the local populace has chosen what they want to hear, and only at night will the gigs begin. There will also be a folk dance workshop, a fashion show, and various screenings of well known movies, as well as obscure art house productions. All in all the inner city will have a true and far reaching celebration of culture and arts, and is well worth visiting this weekend. The weather forecast does not look too good, but there will be plenty of indoor activities available as well. So this weekend, hit the 5th! Check out our website at www.pubcrawlbudapest.hu.