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The biggest museum event in Hungary has just started and is picking up steam. From September 28th until November 9th, 79 museums in Budapest will be participating in an autumn festival that is centred around eight themes.

The museums involved in the festival will have regular exhibitions outside of the walls of the museum itself, bringing cultural artifacts to public spaces, kindergartens, schools and town halls.

This theme is about getting families to come and create works of art together with artists and museum workers. There will be a photo mosaic made of selfies from Szentendre, an enormous mural that will be drawn by everyone who shows up on October 10th at the Ludwig museum, and many workshops and activities for children and adults alike.

The museums also are making an effort to present cultural spaces as an appealing option for teenagers. There will be talks, sports activities, music and other events geared towards teens. The Mining museum of Salgótarján is giving away free disco tickets to teens who participate in the tours, and there will also be a film festival of movies made by teens enrolled in various art schools in Budapest.