• How locals chill in the hot Budapest summer
  • See the best local tours on a hot day in Budapest
  • Relaxing green in the middle of the Blue Danube
  • Only the most convenient places, accessible with flip flops
  • Hanging out in the free parks of Budapest
  • Light on your feet, a beautiful Oasis with some must see sights as well
  • Eat out in the afternoon

The perfect tour for a hot summer day! This walking tour operator offers more active than our hangover tours, this one is for all of you folks who want to get some exercise in Budapest, meanwhile enjoying its many parks and beautiful sceneries. Budapest is one of the greenest cities in Europe, spouting many larger, free parks, and a near innumerable amount of smaller ones, all public, of course. The Margaret Island, for example, is a smallish island that is basically a large park. There are food and drink stalls, playgrounds, an outdoor theater, and many opportunities for fun and romping about. You can rent bicycles and tandem bikes, even foot powered wagons called “bringóhintó”.

Do not forget to bring a towel, as one of the best pools in Hungary is located on the island, called the Palatinus, perfect for cooling yourself off after a long walk in the heat. Outdoor artificial beaches have a long standing and strong tradition in Hungary, these are called “strand” and were introduced during the socialist years, and most locals love to hang out and cool down at these locations during the hot and super dry Hungarian summer. The Palatinus is considered to be the king of these beaches, by its fans.

Another beauty of Budapest is the Városliget, a large park that connects the inner city to one of its most populous and beautiful outskirts, the mighty Zugló, the XIVth district. This park is all about atmosphere, and several trolley lines run through it, as well as the historic first underground stops nearby as well, making sure you can just hop on public transportation and conveniently leave whenever you feel like it. Flanked by beautiful Hero Square and the Vajdahunyadvár Castle, this large park is also the home to one of the main concert halls in Budapest, the famous Petőfi Csarnok (PECSA). This hall has a flea market every Sunday, and it is an unforgettable and unique experience! All of you into socialist nostalgia and retro Eastern block knick knacks will absolutely love it there; you can get all of the retro look and feel without any of the oppression.

If you do not want to leave the city, but stay at its center, but you would like to relax a bit in the great outdoors, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city, then this park tour is perfect for you. Being just a short distance away from all of the commodities of city life, you will be just far enough to admire the beautiful parks of Budapest, while still being under its influence and atmosphere in our free walking tours. So come along for our park tour if you want to do some sightseeing but at your own pace, for the perfect match of actively walking about and lounging in a park! See more on: https://pubcrawlbudapest.hu