• Sports pubs are all around!
  • Irish know how to party big time!
  • SO do the English!
  • Cheap ones are also very enjoyable!
  • Best of all, that beer is cheap!
  • Football is the game of choice for many of Hungarians!
  • Beer

Just as art imitates real life, so does life in turn imitate fabrication. As more and more of our cultural interactions go online, we will see even more of the world of the internet spilling out into our world, and many obscure things will become popular, and vice versa. One place where this is really being felt is in the realm of memes; they have now become a form of humour, and many times when people tell jokes they relate back to memes, and many people don hats, sweaters, t-shirts, etc embroidered with memes. And now, in Budapest, a meme is going to open its very own bar.

While there have been many Hungarian memes (like adding a moustache to an existing meme and mispronouncing it so it sounds like something Hungarian, the blind Komondor, or the communist grandma says meme), none have been as popular as Tibi atya, the alcoholic pastor of Humbákfalva. Supposed to be a description of a poor villager from the sticks of Eastern Hungary, the meme is pictures of the reverend with some phrases belying his simplistic thinking, usually about something to do with alcohol (like making fun of people for turning fruit into jelly instead of schnapps, or the lamentation that an empty glass is just a pile of burnt sand), and usually something rather philosophical in nature.

The pub itself is located on Erzsébet tér, the new front for all trendy and popular things in Budapest. Staying true to the meme the pub serves Hungarian specialties like Pálinka and fröccs (part wine part seltzer water, a summer drink of the Hungarians), all at pretty cheap prices. Somewhere between a middle brow wine sipping establishment and a typical dive bar, this pub wants to draw in the youth of the city, but also wants to create an atmosphere in which party goers and more middle class and moneyed people will also feel comfortable in (like in a wine bar). The place has the same quality as you would expect from Erzsébet tér, but the price is much, much less, as the place is a real populist bar, and is usually packed. The atmosphere is one of fun and of mindless drinking, and every aspect of the bar is meant to promote both. They have such fun activities as using a breathalyzer to see if you have been drinking enough, cups with pictures of the meme on them and many whimsical sayings emblazoned on the plastic (usually about how you aren’t drinking enough), and waiters who are dressed up as priests.

If you are trying to get drunk on very little money, this is one of the better places you can find. It is fairly low brow, but its college lowbrow, meaning you can cuss and swear and get hammered, but you aren’t likely to see a knife drawn anywhere, and the place will be full of undergrads for the most part. A good place to meet young singles in the area, too.https://pubcrawlbudapest.hu is our homepage, check it out.