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The new video about the changing face of Hungarian tourism sums up the current situation wonderfully. The old stereotypes and clichés about things to do in Budapest and the rest of Hungary are being replaced with more accurate representations of the different things that can be done in the heart of Europe.

For one thing, water is emphasized greatly in this video, and rightfully so. Up until now, images of Hungary’s great plains, the “Puszta” have been traditionally at the center of any piece on Hungarian tourism, and seeing as the country is landlocked, this seems to make sense as well. However, Hungary has the beautiful lake Balaton, not to mention the largest thermal lake in the world, lake Hévíz, and has the highest concentration of thermal water in the world, besides Iceland. A much needed nod in the direction of health tourism, which used to be the backbone of the tourism industry during the years of the Monarchy, the ad does not forget to show tantalizing images of the many spas available in this country, mixed in with stunning views of the world famous capital city, Budapest either. Things to do in Budapest are accurately represented too; spas, pubs, parks and amazing architecture, elegant classicist interiors and monument decked public squares are just some of the amazing sights in this mesmerizing city.

No ad promoting tourism would be complete without a shot of some of the local specialty foods, and this video does a great job at showing a fairly typical mix of what Hungary has to offer; thick, hearty soups, intricate desserts and delicious filling meals are all represented in a mouth watering display of Hungarian cuisine.

So far the image that most people have in their minds are of quaint, simple people near a lake, still trying to recover from communism, rugged and under developed. This image does not fit with the realities of modern day Hungary, which is becoming ever more sophisticated, and is opening its doors to every form of tourism imaginable. There is something for everyone here, and aside from health and rural tourism, the two big staples in the past, Hungary also has a stunning nightlife to offer. The locals here know how to have a good time, and there are many top ranking festivals, awesome must see establishments, and a party culture that needs to be experienced to be believed. Our sightseeing tour agency helps in that.

Hungary is also a prime destination for companies and for sporting events as well. Some of the best developed infrastructure for conventions and conferences can be found in Budapest, with many different kinds of places to choose from, from the very large to the quite small, and the city has been making good use of its resources in this department as well.

This is why the title is such a good choice for a country like Hungary. A small country from the middle of Europe, not specifically known for its tourism, but with an entire world of hidden wealth to offer, Hungary is, indeed, more than expected. Never look back: https://pubcrawlbudapest.hu