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The above individuals are not employees, they are volunteers of AllNightCrash.

MÁTÉ (25)

He was born and raised in Szeged the famous town of the Hungarian Paprika and Fish soup. Being athletic and almost 2 meters tall (6’ 6”), no wonder Máté has 7-year success as a basketball player. He fell in love with Budapest’s vibrant nightlife and the rest you know, this is how he became one of our volunteers. Besides crawling Máté works as a bartender, so you can bet on his advice for what drinks to try. Just beware, he is one hell of an alcohol burning machine!

ERZSI (21)

Our young volunteer is a real Two-Face. During the day she is chasing her dream and studies to become a Marketing manager. But when the sun settles she turns on the crawl volunteer mode and applies her special student-diet: ‘I have 10 euro for the week, but let’s go to party'. Erzsi at first seems a little shy, but if the drinking starts, watch out for the party animal when it breaks out! We could testify it on court with hard evidence how that shyness vanishes... But instead come and see it in live!

GERGŐ (28)

Being raised in the outskirts of Budapest, no wonder Gergő is still practicing one of his old hobbies; organic tomato planting. When it comes to partying, there is one term you should know about. Friends call him the Phoenix bird of the night-out, as he reborns from his hangover-ashes quickly to go again the day after. He is a true hophead, a new apprentice of craft beer homebrewing.

MATYI (24)

As our renowned king Matthias Corvinus, who he was named after, Matyi was loyal to Budapest. Though he traveled around a lot and worked in Malta, Brussels, Amsterdam, Nizza etc., he returned to our capital. After joining the junior ultimate frisbee team, so not doing it just as beach muscle flashing, he changed to more extreme sports; bouldering and skiing. Matyi is a big fan of Fröccs, so ask him for tips which one to chose from our famous local spritzer!

MÁRTI (22)

Márti is without exaggeration one of the most multifunctional volunteers. She speaks 3 languages fluently and learns 2 more, while studying catering at the University. But Márti can’t wait to change the classroom to the bar she is working in. When we asked Márti about sports she said she was clumsy, but we don’t believe so! She lives for flair bartending and in her spare time you will find her throwing bottles and practising new tricks in one of the parks. On the crawl you can always bet on her advice about cocktails.

NORBI (21)

Norbi is obsessed with traveling around the world and as his free time allows he hits the road. He has a record of booking a low-cost flight ticket for only 15 euro cents! Norbi says he can do backflips under any circumstances. We are not convinced at all, and urge everyone on the crawl to test his abilities before and after the free shots. We call Norbi our Mr. Buchannon, as apart from the crawl he works as a lifeguard. So guys! Don’t worry when you are drowning from drinking, he can certainly save your lives!

The above individuals are not employees, they are volunteers of AllNightCrash.