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Ruin bars crawl in Budapest. Best pub walk and bar hopping

Why choose us as your guides into Budapest’s nightlife? Because we have been doing it the longest, and we are certainly the best at it, we know the best bars, pubs, and have special deals made with them, which allows for the welcome drinks, and the great atmosphere. We also have the coolest local guides, who live by night and love their job, who know Budapest like the back of their hand and love it at least as much. Our guides are sociable people, not some dude who is getting paid to escort you around, usually its young folks who are interested in and want to get to know travelers from other places, often they are fellow travelers as well. They are the assurance that makes AllNightCrash the best Budapest pub crawl !

What We Have To Offer

AllNightCrash pub crawls are not the nightlife version of a hiking or hop on hop off bus tour. We know that drinking and socializing is a much more personal event than hiking in the woods, or going to museums, and is an experience that can be just as edifying, although usually, we are not in it to learn any new lessons. No, pub crawls in Budapest are the sort of thing where the guide has to be sociable and open minded, and we make sure that the right kind of people are there to see you through on your journey. A high tolerance of alcohol and patience are the two main tools that a guide wields, aside from wanting to be there and go partying and clubbing with you, which is indispensable. How else can he see you through 5 bars, ending the night at a disco, concert hall, or some sort of party, where you can dance till you drop?

Our pub crawls are flexible, we know many pubs and bars, even night clubs, we can go to multiple places playing multiple kinds of music, and where we end up going should be as varied and as interesting as the people who take part in the Budapest pub crawl (pub walk) itself. The first bar is always a given, and from then on, the guide will have suggestions and recommendations, but based on what you are looking for, finding a suitable establishment where everyone can feel good should not be too difficult. We have different locations for when it’s raining, when it’s hot, when it’s just right. We can make the route longer or shorter, involving as much sightseeing and exploring the night side of the city as may be needed. So if there is any place you would like to go and see, just mention it to your pub crawl guide! So if you are alone in town, or out with your mates, perhaps enjoying a stag party or a hen party, or just backpacking through Europe, even if you are here just for a few days on work, come and join AllNightCrash pub crawl Budapest, have a drink, see some pubs, come clubbing with us, and see the truly wonderful nightlife of Budapest, enjoy tons of free shots and welcome drinks, and meet new and interesting people.

Places to drink in Budapest

Are you looking for places to drink in Budapest? We provide pub crawls for girls, women and men, going to the top pubs in Budapest every single day of the week, and staying until the early morning, so not only Friday nights are available for the best pub crawls in Budapest. No matter what day you are visiting, what kind of interests you have or how big your company is, we can guarantee a fun filled night in some of the ruin bars in Budapest. A pub walk in Budapest is always a very fun event, and you can be sure that the Hungarian capital never has a day off, and there is a great party to go every night in Budapest. Although there are many places to go, a unique experience is to go and hang out in ruin bars in Budapest.

Ruin bar crawl in Budapest, authentic Budapest nightlife

While you can have a pub crawl in any city, a ruin bar crawl is something only Budapest has to offer as only Budapest has ruin bars. These places are a mix of the decadent and the elegant, and have to be seen to be believed. If you are looking for things to do in Budapest on a Friday night, these places will be packed with expats, tourists, locals, girls, men and women and the atmosphere is always electric. Parties in ruin bars are always wild and fun, and there is always a collection of many different kinds of people. So if you are wondering where to go in Budapest get in touch with us and we will find the best parties and the most welcoming places, with a free welcome drink on the house at every location we go to. No need to plan your big night out in Hungary, just come with us and we will show you the authentic Budapest nightlife.

Pub tour/pub walk in Budapest?

What can you expect from a pub tour in Budapest? 4 or 5 great pubs, ruin bars and a club or disco at the end where you can dance what is left of the night away. We only go to the best places to drink in Budapest, with a welcome drink at every pub and a free entrance and no waiting in line at the club either. Budapest is a great city for bar hopping or a pub crawl, and we know all of the best places, and where to go for specials, where to go for a quiet time or a rager, playing drinking games or just enjoying each other’s company, giving you a road map of the Budapest nightlife.

Top bars in Budapest and unforgettable night out

We know all of the top bars in Budapest, and can accommodate various kinds of parties. Although ruin bars are the best places to drink in Budapest, whatever the party might enjoy is always the first, and we can go to whatever kinds of establishments you like. Budapest is a city with a great and bubbling nightlife, and can easily provide the best pub crawl in Europe, with fun bars, great atmosphere and affordable drinks. So let us treat you to the best night out in Hungary in one, all night long unforgettable experience that you may not be able to remember the next day.