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Budapest walks

Fastest, coolest way to get around a 2 million strong metropolis!

  • Meeting point and departure: As agreed upon
  • Length: 2.5-3 hours – covers about two and a half miles (~ 3.5 kilometers)
  • Difficulty: Moderate. First part of the walk is easy ;)
  • Book at least 24 hours in advance!
  • Type: Private customized tour
  • Booking: In advance Online
  • Meeting: As agreed upon
  • Duration: 2.5-3 walk & some rest
  • Price: €10
  • We run our Daytime tours on request! Register online a day in advance!
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Just Right

If you would like to see some of Budapest’s rich, millennium old culture and fascinating architecture, come and visit our free easy culture tour! As a part of our walking tours, the entire tour is done on foot, at a leisurely pace, offering culture in a convenient amount. Unlike most sightseeing tours in Budapest, that give you the name and details of every brick in every building of the old city, we strive to give you just enough information that you can memorize easily. Run by a local, easy going and streetwise tour guide well versed in the history of Budapest, come and experience culture with young eyes, covering the basic, must know facts and sites in Budapest, without a tour guide rushing you through every street on a bus. You can hang out with all of the interesting and fun people from the pub crawl the night before, and meet new ones along the way as well, in this fun, easy going Budapest tour.

Immerse Yourself In Living Culture

We firmly believe that culture is a living thing, and that the only way to experience it is to be immersed in it. Many historical tours and culture tours tend to treat the city as if it were Pompeii, like a museum of sorts. With a city as vibrant and teeming with life as Budapest, many youngsters and backpackers get deterred from such tours, seeing the necessity for personal interactions with locals, other travelers, and the city itself. We offer a guide who knows the city like the back of his hand to help you pick out the routes and sites that you want to see, and lead you in an adventure through a place where people actually live and breathe. We believe this is the only way to experience a culture that is still alive.

From Commonplace To Rare

Aside from the usual tourist locations in Budapest, we can also offer some that are not on your hop on hop off maps, showing you the hidden wonders of Budapest that may be tricky to find as well. Budapest is known for its many parks, old buildings and nooks and crannies that may be hidden from plain sight, but can open up like a beautiful clam with the help of a knowledgeable guide.