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Budapest walks

New Thematic Tours!

  • Starts daily at 3:30pm
  • Meeting point: Vörösmarty square (at the lion fountain)
  • Length: 2.5 hours-3hours – covers  about one and a half mile. ( ~ 2,5 kilometers)
  • Difficulty: Easy, we walk at gentle pace.
  • Groups more than 12 pax must pre-register 24 hours in advance!
  • Tour is free!
  • Type: regular scheduled tour
  • Booking: show up or booking advance Online
  • Meeting: Meeting point: Vörösmarty square (at the lion fountain)
  • Duration: 2.5-3 walk & some rest
  • Price: Free (Only no compulsory tip, if you like the tour)
  • From September to May we run our Free Tours on request! Register online a day in advance!
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As a tourist you may have had your fair share of sightseeing tours. Usually, a walking tour consists of seeing the sights, hearing a guide tell you how incredibly important they are, and how lucky you are to see them, and then go home to your accommodation and resume doing nothing. In Budapest,,a typical tour would consists of: the Basilica, Parliament, House Of Terror, and the 1956 memorial, together with a heartfelt and fastidious presentation about the revolution.

Communist Budapest

During our communist tour, we want you to see the other side of the iron curtain, and see it as it was when still intact. We want you to see another take on history, a historicla narrative that was discontinued.

This is not a new thing, many Eastern bloc countries do it, and we evenhave a theme park dedicated to the matter.

Socialism ended in Hungary a quarter of a century ago. The mark it left on the psyche of the people here and on the face of the capital are long lasting, though and can still be felt today. For many people, communist dictatorship and its aftermath are still a reality.

If you are a history buff, this tour is a must! Learn about KISZ, which is pronounced kiss, but means something entirely different, see the monuments, hear the stories, learn first hand about an important historical epoch.

Socialism was rife with knickknacks, from medals and pamphlets to helmets and gas masks, there is plenty of memorabilia to choose from. There are flea markets that sell these, and you can get some of this stuff in souvenir shops.

Food can be had on this tour, so come hungry, and expect a good meal. Near the Hero square is where you can buy the best soup, cooked on an open fire in a large bowl called a “bogrács”, with a few slices of bread, real hearty and not too heavy either. Just what you need after a 2-3 hour walk.