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Happy Guests since 2007. Join Hungary's
first licensed Ruin Bar Tour." - Martin (founder)

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  • Type: private tour on call
  • Booking: Only On call & booking advance Online
  • Meeting: as agreed upon
  • Duration: 2.5-3 hour easy ride & sightseeing
  • Price/person(s):
  • - 1 person: 90 
  • - from 2 persons: 64 / pax
  • - from 5 persons: 59 / pax
  • - from 10 persons: 56 / pax

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Vespa Tours- The Way To See Budapest

The main difference between a scooter tour on a Vespa and a walking tour is the distance covered. Because you are on a scooter, you can go farther, see more things, really cram the most into the amount of time that you have. At the same time it is still more up close and personal than a bus tour, allowing you to immerse yourself in the authentic Budapest atmosphere. You can reach places that would otherwise be off limits with a bicycle or on foot, for the reason of being just too far.

Get Around In Style

Budapest is a city that has a certain amount of sprawl. That is why you may not be able to see all of it in your time here. The solution? A Vespa tour! While the city is indeed a metropolis, Budapest is unlike Prague or Bratislava in that it is spread out over a wider amount of area than most neighbouring cities. The city is beautiful and full of life, but it can be hard to get around without a vehicle, and the best vehicle for sightseeing is indeed the Vespa.

A Leisurely Pace

The main attraction of a tour like this is of course the vehicle in question, and the freedom and leisure that it represents. By no means a moped, but also not a speed demon of a motorbike, a Vespa symbolizes a leisurely place. So join us, rent a bike and enjoy this unique Budapest sightseeing tour!