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A concept, a feeling, a hobby.

For most of us the purpose is clear, pub crawls in Budapest are there so that we can increase our knowledge base with treasures from new and exciting places, and a pub crawl takes you to the very heart of where such pearls can be found. It is no secret that members of most nations on earth have a high demand for productive alcohol consumption.

How do we define productive alcohol consumption?

A good natured attempt to make a transcendental bond within a community of people through drinking. The idea is to go bar hopping, and see as many pubs while getting plastered as possible. Pub crawls in Budapest are a way to feed this need for productive alcohol consumption, to be a platform for later and greater social benefits.

Visiting multiple pubs as tourist locations-i.e: pub crawling-has been spreading like wildfire, moving massive amounts of people; it is just as real a facet of tourism as museums and old castles. It is the best way to enjoy a night out in a foreign place, and more and more people are being attracted to pub crawls in Budapest. Fans of the genre usually say that it is the easiest way to get to know people in an unfamiliar place that is still on the safe side, the chance of disappointment is relatively low, as the guides are locals from Budapest, leading the game of “party the local way”.

Thanks to pub crawls in Budapest

You can venture into amazing local clubs and bars that you might not know about just based on your guidebook. Others like pub crawls in Budapest because it saves you the trouble of actually having to go out and try to talk to people who might not even be interested! The crowd is given, the drinks are given, all you have to do is talk and enjoy each others company.

Nightlife In Budapest

Because a night of beer, wine, spirits, shots and cocktails draws from so many walks of life, pub crawls in Budapest offer a golden opportunity for those wishing to socialize. The sight of a large group of people with armbands, balloons, funny hats and God knows what else showing up to a bar for an hour or so is bound to raise questions, meeting new people becomes all but inevitable.

Because participants of a pub crawl are basically random, with few actual things in common besides looking for a night out, amazing and unpredictable stories are often born of such encounters. Friendships and partnerships are born, often internationally; the opportunity to later swap pictures, stories, memories, in short, to gain new acquaintances, presents itself with every pub crawl. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what a vacation is about, having some stories to tell once you get back home? So time to move out of your place of residence, hit the streets, meet some people and get drunk! Everyone can enjoy themselves who likes to dance, sing, eat, drink and be merry in some of the coolest locations in Budapest.

The Elite

More and more often we meet hardcore fans of the genre as well, a certain elite who collects pub crawl t-shirts the way others collect stamps and bottle caps; a group of friends who goes across Europe, enjoying one of these events in every city. Just ask them and they will tell you about the inimitable atmosphere and the incredible events that go along with a pub crawl. These fine folks will maintain that pub crawls in Budapest have only upsides, and would persuade you to find one in any city that you are in, if you have the chance, presumably the best one, and let the guides take you to places that you have no chance of experiencing outside of bar hopping, sometimes taking you to spots that even the local patriots would be surprised about.

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