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What Is Private Day Tour?

Our daytime tours are primarily a social event, an all day long after party with good atmosphere, forming bonds among the participants of AllNightCrash from the pub crawl the night before, and generally making the company feel as good as possible being the main goal behind our daytime walking tours. All of the tours that fall under this category are 10 €, most of them can be done on foot, some of them can be attempted with a bike. Some of them are oriented towards sightseeing and are a more classic historic tour of Budapest, while some of them are meant just to relax and entertain.

What You Can ExpectThe people who take this tour generally still have a hangover from the AllNightCrash Budapest pub crawl the night before, and our daytime tours are always suited to the needs of the current company. In keeping with the AllNIghtCrash tradition, after a night of partying like a local at our Budapest pub crawl, the next day can also be spent in the local manner. This is mostly done by hanging out in the green Margaret island, or walking around, or just recovering from a hangover with some ice cream, enjoying the sunshine and the local not too heavy but refreshing foods and drinks, perhaps coupled with a few pints of the hair of the dog as well. Although not a main focus of our 10 euro walking tours, food and drinksare always sought after following a night of drinking, and so we make sure to hang out around places where these refreshments can be enjoyed. The focus is on limited physical activity, such as swimming in a nice swimming pool, relaxing in a park, some walking, mostly just hanging out with new friends and the folks from the night before. The amount of physical activity is dependent on the company present, but nothing too strenuous should be expected.

The Types Of Daytime Tours We Offer

These tours can be split into three distinct categories. One is the more traditional Budapest sightseeing tour, except with an emphasis on parks, swimming pools, and generally places that are easy to visit and are enjoyable on a hot Budapest summer day, but still giving you valuable information on the rich cultural and societal history of Budapest. The second is also a sightseeing walking tour in which cultural knowledge of Budapest is offered in a leisurely tempo. The last one is more focused on the social aspect of the team, where if the company is more interested in each other than in historic monuments, we can just recover from our hangovers and get to know each other better, perhaps find that girl you fell in love with last night, or that guy who bought you a drink. So whether you’re interested in fine company, fine dining, or just feeling fine, come on along and fight that hangover with our walking tour from AllNightCrash Budapest pub crawl!