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Milonga Wine and Tapas

This page is to commemorate Milonga, this excellent restaurant at White Plains. It has been a long time we were there, tasting their excellent beef and lobster and sweets at the end, and we still think back to those times we had more time to travel, and less time to make travelers happy with our Budapest Pub Crawl. Actually these were decent moments of our lives, young, living out of our parent's money, and just living a free life, without worries. And I don't say we have to worry of anything, I just say that it was nice to be young.

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Now I just found out, that Milonga is gone, and I have no idea when it disappeared or why, but they are no more. Maybe the business model was flawed? I can't answer to that question, since the the food was just truly amazing. The terrace always full of people (at least at the times we ate there with Martin) and the waiters professionals, attentive, not pushy, but always there at the right moment.

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So all in all, Milonga Wine and Tapas, we miss you. And although I'm sure we can't present the same kind of wines (and we don't want to actually) we hope to give a similar experience with our Budapest Wine Tasting. I hope the owners of the restaurant are well, and that they are still creating extraordinary dishes.