"Our Budapest Pub Crawl had Over 30000
Happy Guests since 2007. Join Hungary's
first licensed Ruin Bar Tour." - Martin (founder)

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Budapest Nightclubs

Private Strip Club Crawl for Real Gentlemen

  • A private pub crawl tailored to your needs
  • A taste of Budapest’s rich night life
  • Have a look around Budapest’s trendy ruin bars
  • Free shots throughout the night
  • Welcome drinks, special offers
  • Ending the night in an exclusive strip club or nightclub, with tailor made special requests

Like some of the tours of Pub Crawl Budapest this is a private tour, it is on request only. If you are interested in nightclubs and enjoy a good striptease, you can tell us at the beginning of the tour, or write us an e-mail, so that we can arrange a venture into Budapest nightlife for you. Budapest is famous for its great nightclub culture. If you would like to combine a pub crawl with a visit to a nightclub at the finish of the tour, we can arrange for this to be done, but only upon prior request!

Perfect opportunity for a stag party!

Budapest: Nightclub Capital

Aside from the fame and good name of our nightclubs, there are quite a large number of them as well, and how good your experience is depends largely on where you go, both in terms of the quality of the production and indeed the willingness of the ladies themselves, not to mention the price. To give an idea, the international pole dance competitions are held in Budapest, and nightclub workers expos are also held here annually. You can also have your stag party with us, in this case of course the entrance is restricted to those individuals whom you want to see.

The Route

We can combine a quick bar tour with 1 or 2 pubs to get a few drinks to warm up, and then a nightclub or strip club is where we will end the night. The crawl is basically a pub crawl, where we go to a more erotic establishment at the end of the night, ending the night with a quality production and show, with hot girls and a good atmosphere all together. The ticket price includes the ride to the nightclub, but once there, the dances, table dances, drinks for yourselves and the girls, and whatever else you may need must be paid for by you.


Be careful!!!! Strip clubs are much more expensive than a normal bar in Hungary, and the difference in price might be quite overwhelming and stark. Drinks, entrance fees, dancing with the girls, and the drinks you may buy them must be paid by you, but beware of overcharging and who you talk to, always exercise caution in these sorts of establishments. Luckily we do know the owners and workers in the clubs and bars we have contacts with, and can guarantee a night of fun and relaxation, for gentlemen only. When you register, please make sure to request a nightclub tour, and we will confirm it for you!

Dress Code Dress Code
in some venues
Over 18 Over 18 Bring ID Bring ID Responsible Drinking We encourage
responsible drinking!