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Where to party in Budapest

Budapest By Night or where to party in Budapest

The nocturnal side of Budapest is just as rich and beautiful as it’s daytime counterpart, as Budapest nightlife is legendary, and with good reason. There are many ways to party in Budapest; a posh club or ruin bars, sports bars or Uni pubs, small basement pubs and entire buildings transformed into party arenas, you name it, we got it. If you need to know where to party in Budapest, count on us! We know this city and have been its masters of pub and bar crawls for a long time.

Night life in Budapest

The best parties in Budapest start well after dark, around 9 pm is the time when things really get hot. A ruin bar tour in Budapest also starts then, going to these famous, quintessential Budapest bars, read here* to find out more about them. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to party in Budapest, but don’t worry; we have a plan for every night of the week and can suit any company. Don’t hesitate, call us or just eb there at the Burger King at Oktogon at 9pm, and we will take you on a journey to a night party in Budapest, with an interesting crowd of fellow travellers, to a pub with the coolest locals, the best welcome drinks, and the best clubs and pubs in Budapest. Don’t miss our power hour and our coupon books either, to get the most out of this city in the time you are visiting it!