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Important TOP 5 Tips - Pub Crawl

5 important Tips for the Best Budapest Pub Crawl

With Budapest pub crawls becoming an industry, you might need some tips for organizing a bar tour, to make sure you get the most for your money’s worth. We have compiled our top 5 tips for pub tours to help you. We organize pub crawls that are cheap and safe, because we have the years of experience and fun loving team that makes a really great bar tour possible. We organize stag parties, simple pub crawls, pub tours for girls, pub tours for men, and are always up to date, making us the best bar- pub tour in 2015.

We have the best pub tour ideas! Our guides and organizers are just full of great ideas for routes, activities, specialty bars, and all around schennanigans, and are always up for having a great time. We make pub tours for women especially, steering clear of sleazy bars and providing a safe, fun and affordable experience that is simply unforgettable. We also make pub tours for men, tailored to the needs of the gentlemen in the group, and featuring bars and music that appeal to the guys you are with.

Experience one of the top pub tours in Europe for men! We have the right connections and know this city inside and out, with all the best long standing establishments and all the new up and coming bars too, famous places with huge crowds and quite but quality bars as well. No one really caters to club and bar tours in Budapest for women, which is odd, because you get more and more groups of women on a pub or bar crawl, looking for a few drinks and some good company to have a laugh with. We seek to provide specialty tours in which everyone can get what they are looking for, so we realize and welcome ladies out to have fun.

If you are looking to organize something special for your friends or family, get in contact with us, we have the best pub tour ideas in 2015, and we are the experts of running pub crawls in this city, as we have been at it since 2007. Drop us a line if you are interested in making a bar tour in Budapest, and we will give you the best price in this city.



It is important that you keep your passport or some kind of identification on you at all times when in a foreign country. Make sure you put it some place you will not lose! Identification may be necessary to get into certain bars and pubs, too.

Eat right

To make sure you do not get sick and get the most out of your tour, you will need to eat a square meal before you go on a pub crawl. Food is available during the crawl, and many places have delicious bar foods too.


We at AllNightCrash only work with the safest, most affordable places in Budapest. Make sure you book with us, and you will not have to worry about your safety. Still, keep your belongings in a backpack close to you, and in your sight.


Check the weather forecast before going out drinking. You may not feel it, but exposure can still have its effects, you can catch a cold and so on. So check the weather, and dress appropriately. Bring a backpack and load it up with layers, just in case.


The pub crawl may bring you far from your accommodation, and you may not feel like walking or finding your way. We can provide taxis and can get you back to your accommodation. Make sure you have the address with you!