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Budapest Tuk Tuk

The new and bohemian way of city sightseeing


If you’ve ever been tourist in big cities, you can surely spot the typical, top-less, sightseeing ‘big buses’ from miles away. If you’ve been tourist in big cities many times, you’re probably already sick of these buses.

In the Hungarian capital, now, company Budapest TukTuk is proud to offer the newest sightseeing experience for the bohemian, the adventurous, the fun-loving or the romantic visitors.


What is a tuk tuk?


As for its look, the tuk tuk resembles to a famous Vespa scooter with a third wheel attached. And in fact, that’s exactly how this new and very efficient vehicle, the tuk tuk was born. Nowadays, it has become a very popular mean of transport around the world – especially in Asia. But most importantly, this little, convertible city cruise with Italian-roots is the perfect way to enjoy the famous and historic sights of Budapest.



Why choose TukTuk for Budapest sightseeing?


TukTuk is the bohemian way of sightseeing. Riding in the back of a tuk tuk is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of seeing Budapest’s attractions. Your driver will be your tour guide for the length of your tour. During the driving you’ll have the chance to use the tablet that every tuk tuk is equipped with. It allows passengers to access the application Pocketguide, which will guide you through the city by voice in 12 different languages.


There are5 pick-up points in the city where TukTuks can be easily found and the Budapest sightseeing can start immediately. Budapest TukTuk, at the moment, offers four special and themed tours for the interested. The 40-minute drive along the ‘Riverbanks of Danube’; a 90-minute drive trough the most historic and beautiful places of the city centre and the Buda Castle Hill, to see the best of the ‘Romantic Budapest’; a 90-minute ride that takes you to the top of Budapest to enjoy ‘Fresh air and scenic view’; and the ultimate 2-hour journey along all the streets, sights and attraction of Budapest, where at the end of the tour, as they offer ‘We’ll show everything’.


Good to know


Budapest TukTuk offers their service between 10am and 8pm every day of the week. Visitors can pick from the above listed tours, or use TukTuk as a sightseeing taxi on the streets of Budapest, and personalise their experience. Do not worry if you are not near any of the pick-up points, tuk tuks can be ordered to any place within the heart of the city.

At the moment, Budapest TukTuk only takes orders by phone; in the meantime you can reserve a tuk tuk in advance by phone or by email. The online reservation will be soon available.


Budapest TukTuk is also partnered up with numerous of Budapest’s best bars, clubs and restaurants, so the drivers will always be happy to offer you the best places to enjoy the city’s famous nightlife. And to feel the Hungarian love, at the end of every tour Budapest TukTuk offers a shot of Rézangyal Pálinka!

And if you saw everything in daytime, try out Pub Crawl Budapest in the night!


Official site:http://www.budapesttuktuk.hu/


Phone: +36 70 257 3020

E-mail: info@budapesttuktuk.hu