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Night out in Budapest

Best night out in Budapest

Are you looking for the best night out in Budapest? Choose our Budapest Pub Crawl! Would you like to experience the city first hand, with locals, and party in the best clubs and bars the city has to offer? Come with us for a fantastic Friday night out and beer tasting! We are All Night Crash, and we are the best and oldest running pub crawl in Hungary, providing the best pub walk and beer tours. We have been active since 2007, and we know this city and its party district like the back of our hands. We have street smart and cool guides, deals with the best pubs and bars, and a flexible routine that can involve whatever sights and places you may want to visit. So grab your ID, your jacket,a bottle of water and get ready for your night out in Budapest, one of the craziest party towns that Europe has to offer.

Friday night out price

The price of a night out in Budapest is roughly half of what the costs in any major Western European city, and for more expensive countries like the UK or the Netherlands or Scandinavia, the price of a drink is merely a fraction of what you may be used to. There are so many bars, only a guide well versed in the nightlife can know where to go on a night out in Budapest.

We know all of the best places in this city, and ask only a meager cover charge to provide a guide who will get you to where you need to go, and provide you with welcome drinks and free entrance to 4 pubs and a club at the end of the night. In Budapest there is a party every night, but sometimes it may be difficult to find- we know where there is a part everyday as we spend Monday to Sunday night out in Budapest. So you need not worry about how expensive a night out in Budapest is, as it will be cheaper and a lot more fun than you are used to.